Second Semester

Case Studies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Course Objectives

The purpose of this module is to combine Theory and Practice in Logistics and Supply Chain Management by providing state-of-the-art case studies of well-known multinational companies and how they handle their Logistics and Supply Chain operations. These cases have been chosen carefully from the international literature. These are also taught in various US and European Business Schools.

Course Description

Global operations and Logistics: Evolution and design and CASE 1: CASE 1-1(*): Centrum Co. The strategic framework and CASE 2: CASE 2-1: Michelin. The globalization of operations strategies and CASE 3: CASE 3-2: Pizza Hut Moscow. Global Marketing strategies and CASE 4: CASE 4-1: Talk to Me: Expansion in the Russian Telecommunications Market. Supplier network development and CASE 5: CASE 5-2: Rank Xerox France. Physical distribution and CASE 6: CASE 6-2: Laura Ashley and Federal Express Strategic Alliance. Global Supply Chain Management and CASE 7: CASE 7-1: Eurofood. Logistics network design for global operations and CASE 8: CASE 8-2: The Logistics Impact of the Channel Tunnel. Risk management in global operations and CASE 9: CASE 9-1: BMW: Globalizing Manufacturing Operation. Risk management in global operations and CASE 10: CASE 3-1: Renault Mexico. Information management for global operations and CASE 11: CASE 10-1: Manugistics. Performance measurement and evaluation in global logistics and CASE 12: CASE 11-1: The China Lacquer Product Line. Organizational structures for global Logistics excellence. Summary, Discussion and CASE 13: CASE 6-1: Apple Computer’s Supplier Hubs: A Tale of Three Cities.

(*) The cases are from the main textbook by Dornier et al. (1998).

Suggested Textbooks

  • Dornier, Philippe-Pierre, Ernst, Ricardo, Fender, Michel, Kouvelis, Panos, “Global Operations, Text and Cases’’, 1998, Wiley.
  • Chopra, Sunil and Meindl, Peter, “Supply Chain Management, Strategy, Planning & Operations, 2013, Fifth Edition, Pearson International Edition, Pearson/Prentice Hall.
  • Simchi-Levi, D., Kaminsky, P. and Simchi-Levi, E., “Designing and Managing the Supply Chain: Concepts, Strategies and Case Studies’’, Third Edition, McGraw-Hill, 2008.


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