Second Semester

Quantitative Methods in Logistics and Supply Management

Course Objectives

The  objective of this course is to introduce the students in the concept of the modelling, design, analysis and optimization of the supply chain. Advanced mathematical techniques that are used to optimize the performance of the supply chain are presented.

Course Description

The purpose of this module is provide an in-depth view of the analysis and optimization of supply chains. A wide range of supply chain problems are explored including the problems of the optimal ware house establishment, optimal retailer establishment and the optimal flows of products between the members of a supply chain. The main mathematical tool that is used is mixed integer programming. Additionally the software package GAMS is introduced and used in order to take the optimal decision. Finally the vehicle routing problem and the Chinese postman problem are also addressed.

Suggested Textbooks

  • Jeremy F. Shapiro, ΄΄Modelling the Supply chain΄΄, Duxbury ISBN: 0-534- 37363-1
  • Process Systems Engineering, Edited by Efstratios n, Pistikopoulos, Michael C. Georgiadis, and Vivek Dua, ΄΄Supply Chain Optimization΄΄. Wiley-VCH, ISBN: 978-3-527-31693-9.


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