Second Semester

Real World Project

Course Objectives

The main objective of the Real-World Project (RWP) is to encourage and force students to work in groups and visit a real company in order to analyze their supply chains and discuss their challenges with the Supply Chain managers. This may be considered as a warm-up period for their final thesis. Certainly, it may be an independent project irrelevant of their thesis. It is clearly clarified that the project is not restricted to the area of Project Management. Instead, the general area of Logistics and Supply Chain Management (L&SCM) operations will be the main theme of this RWP. 

Course Description

The Real-World Project (RWP) offers the students the chance to visit a real company in order to discuss with the managers the supply chain operations and the challenges they face.  

The Real-World Project (RWP) – Groups formation: Depending on the number of students in class, it is expected to form 7 groups of 4 students. Seven (7) real companies will be contacted by these groups with the assistance of 7 faculty members. The groups will be formed based on an algorithm in order to enable in-group diversity of background and capabilities. The RWP aims to acquaint students with the actual operating environment and challenges supply chain companies face.

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