School of Economics Quality Policy

Last update 31/1/2021

The mission of the School of Economics at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge in the fields of Economics and Management, through a high-level undergraduate and postgraduate study programs, lifelong education programs and innovative research activities, as well as the collaborations with business and economic organizations and entrepreneurs, under the scope of its ongoing qualitative development.

Ensuring and evaluating quality in all the above sectors with a strategic orientation is a primary objective of the department and is reflected in its vision:

The Department of Economics at AUTH should be internationally recognized as a place of intellectual excellence and assertion of basic human and social values, as well as a pioneer for its academic structure, excellence in teaching and research, and quality of the services offered to all involved bodies.

The Department of Economics, within the framework of its Quality culture, is committed to implementing procedures that ensure the quality of its Undergraduate Study Program as mentioned below:

  • the strategic planning of all educational, research and administrative actions that support the curriculum, with the goal of excellence.
  • the systematic evaluation and renewal of the curriculum to keep pace with international developments in the scientific and professional environment.
  • the connection of the curriculum with current needs in the Greek society
  • the international recognition of the study program and the research work of all members of the department
  • the achievement of learning outcomes that will provide competitive advantages and employability to its graduates.
  • the continuous updating of course content and educational processes.
  • the recruitment of highly qualified teaching and research staff
  • the successful osmosis of the research interests and achievements of the department members with the studies curriculum
  • the constantly improving electronic support of teaching and library services.
  • the constantly improving support of students with respect to their welfare.
  • the effective networking with social, professional bodies, and graduates.
  • the networking and development of educational and research synergies and relations with institutions abroad that offer similar study programs.
  • the dedication of all stakeholders in the Department of Economics, and its philosophy of quality and excellence.
  • the ever-increasing satisfaction of all stakeholders and the support of their advancement goals.




Maria Paschalidou

“My experience as a postgraduate student in “Logistics and Supply Chain Management” at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki was very interesting indeed. I met new people and experts in the field and I have learned a lot that helped me identify my area of interest. Cooperation with staff members was excellent. Thank you for the interesting experience!”

Grigoris Papathanasiou

Logistics Manager, Barba Stathis S.A.

“Being a practitioner in logistics it was a big decision for me to join the MSc in Logistics and supply chain management. In retrospect it was the best decision. It helped me put everything into perspective. Being back to school feels great!”

George Andreou

“The specialization that the MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management offers is unique. Apart from the great education and a very rich academic schedule, the educational trips and visits offered us the chance to see how everything applies to the real business world. Last but not least, a big thank you to our professors who where by our side in every step of the process.”

Kostas Tziantopoulos

“Supply Chain Management is a continuous developing field, and especially in Greece, the last few years. I chose the MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, in order to strengthen my academic background. The program offers the best mix of qualitative and quantitative courses and helps students to obtain both wide and specialized knowledge. Furthermore, on-site visits in Thessaloniki and Hamburg brought us in touch with senior management executives and helped us have a clear view of how theory is put to practice.”

Fotis Kirilidis


“The MSc Program in Logistics and Supply Chain is the right platform for those which they want to grow as professionals in the Logistics Industry. The most essential parameters needed by the market could be found in the courses, providing to the participants valuable knowledge and a competitive advantage. We would definitely recommend the course for those which they want to be involved in the Supply chain industry, as it clearly prepares candidates for a successful entrance in the most promising sector of the Greek economy.”

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