Staff Support Policy

The School of Economics aims to continuously upgrade its staff potential and encourage the advancement of education and research. In the framework of transparency that the Department operates, the criteria for the election and development of faculty members are posted on its website (https://www.econ These criteria, in accordance with Law 4957/2022, contribute to the fair and objective selection of teaching staff.

Staff performance in teaching and research is posted on the Department’s website as well as the website of MODIP AUTH. There is a significant participation of the Department's staff in Greek and international research forums, the results of which are published in international journals. Many of these publications have attracted considerable scientific interest.

The Department of Economics encourages staff academic activity introducing innovative teaching methods, the use of new technologies, encourages mobility and further training in Universities and Research Centers around the world and supports research work through infrastructure, modern equipment, and assistance in international and Greek research programs submission. At the same time, it promotes cooperation with academics from abroad, both at an educational and research level. Also, the staff of the School demonstrate increased scientific mobility through their participation in national and foreign conferences. It is noted that permission is not required for the participation of teaching staff in conferences. The above actions, on the one hand, strengthen the connection between teaching and research, and on the other hand, promote the scientific and professional development of the staff.

The School encourages the professional and scientific development of its teaching staff, by approving sabbaticals and other types of leave of absence (fast and direct procedures), in accordance with the current legislation. Approval of leave of absence concerns all levels of teaching staff:

  • Internal or external scientific reasons (Article 157 of Law 4957/2022) (one year for every six years of continuous service or six months for every three years of continuous service). The leave is granted with simple remuneration and in the case of foreign employment, the remuneration is increased by 80% (only if the cooperation abroad does not include remuneration). The license is granted after completion of three years of actual service at Higher Education Institutions.
  • Employment in Chairs of Greek Studies in HEIs abroad, up to three academic years (Article 158 par. 5 of Law 4957/2022)
  • Parallel employment at a foreign HEI, up to one (1) academic semester per academic year (Article 158 par. 3 of Law 4957/2022).
  • For other categories of Educational Staff, educational leave permits are granted for conferences, seminars, etc. in accordance with the provisions of article 6 of the PD. 147/2009. The Department cooperates for the support and development of the staff with the Teaching and Learning Support Center of AUTH ( The Center for Teaching and Learning Support deals, among other things, with the support of MSc Programs in teaching, using new technologies and taking particular care to support people with disabilities. The Center collaborates with teachers, students, and various institutional units of the Foundation (such as the General Directorate of Technical Services and IT, the Center for Electronic Government, the Library, and the Information Center) in order to make the use of new teaching methods more effective to propose optimal solutions to potential problems.
    The Teaching and Learning Support Center for staff development:
    • Organizes learning cycles, educational activities, seminars, etc.
    • Compiles, designs, and develops research and training materials.
    • Ensures the creation of a repository of supporting research and training material (in printed or electronic form), as well as good practices.
    • Cooperates with other corresponding structures of national and foreign HEIs and develops joint actions and synergies.
    • Maintains a Registry of collaborating faculty members or external teaching and learning experts to support individual and/or specialized actions of the Center.

The Teaching and Learning Support Center can aid staff by participating in extra educational activities, such as providing research services, developing innovative teaching material related to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, and undertaking related research work.

The actions of the School of Economics are reinforced by the University’s participation in the European University (EPICUR) and in programs such as ERASMUS Staff Training, ERASMUS+, ERASMUS INTERNATIONAL, ERASMUS MUNDUS, the Utrecht Network, the European University Foundation (CAMPUS EUROPAE) and in further 60 International Organizations, Networks and Associations. These collaborations enable university teaching staff to go abroad for research, teaching, training seminars, and thus stay informed about developments in education at an international level.


Maria Paschalidou

“My experience as a postgraduate student in “Logistics and Supply Chain Management” at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki was very interesting indeed. I met new people and experts in the field and I have learned a lot that helped me identify my area of interest. Cooperation with staff members was excellent. Thank you for the interesting experience!”

Grigoris Papathanasiou

Logistics Manager, Barba Stathis S.A.

“Being a practitioner in logistics it was a big decision for me to join the MSc in Logistics and supply chain management. In retrospect it was the best decision. It helped me put everything into perspective. Being back to school feels great!”

George Andreou

“The specialization that the MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management offers is unique. Apart from the great education and a very rich academic schedule, the educational trips and visits offered us the chance to see how everything applies to the real business world. Last but not least, a big thank you to our professors who where by our side in every step of the process.”

Kostas Tziantopoulos

“Supply Chain Management is a continuous developing field, and especially in Greece, the last few years. I chose the MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, in order to strengthen my academic background. The program offers the best mix of qualitative and quantitative courses and helps students to obtain both wide and specialized knowledge. Furthermore, on-site visits in Thessaloniki and Hamburg brought us in touch with senior management executives and helped us have a clear view of how theory is put to practice.”

Fotis Kirilidis


“The MSc Program in Logistics and Supply Chain is the right platform for those which they want to grow as professionals in the Logistics Industry. The most essential parameters needed by the market could be found in the courses, providing to the participants valuable knowledge and a competitive advantage. We would definitely recommend the course for those which they want to be involved in the Supply chain industry, as it clearly prepares candidates for a successful entrance in the most promising sector of the Greek economy.”

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