First Semester

Service Operations Management

Course Objectives

The purpose of this module is to provide an in-depth view of service operations management. Service operations management is firmly established as a field of study that embraces all service industries. Services touch the lives of every person in all countries every day: food services, communication services, educational services, healthcare services and emergency services, logistics, to name a few. Our welfare and the welfare of our economy are now based on services. A mixture of case studies as well as of qualitative and quantitative themes and techniques is chosen to cover the concepts and methods of service operations management.

Course Description

Understanding Services: The role of services in an Economy, The nature of services, Service strategies. Designing the Service Enterprise: New service development, Service quality, The service encounter, E-service, Service facility location, The supporting facility. Managing Service Operations: Managing supply and demand: Revenue management, Yield management, service project management, six-sigma method and lean operations in services, Managing waiting lines, Managing service supply relationships, Managing facilitating goods. Towards World-Class Service: Productivity and quality improvement, Growth and globalization of services.

Quantitative models for Service Operations Management: Project Management, PERT/CPM: PERT/TIME, PERT/COST, Forecasting Demand for Services, Waiting Line Models and Capacity Planning, Queueing Network Models applied to services, Linear Programming Models and Simulation applied to Service Operations Management, Game Theory applied to Logistics/Supply Chain Management and Strategic Management. Demonstration of software packages. Presentation of case studies and projects by the students.

Suggested Textbooks

  • Nigel Slack, Stuart Chambers and Robert Johnston, “Operations Management’’, Sixth Edition, 2010, Prentice Hall.
  • Fitzsimmons, J. and Fitzsimmons, M. “Service Management”, Sixth Edition, MacGraw-Hill International Edition, 2008.
  • Ravi Anupindi, Sunil Chopra, Sudhakar D. Deshmukh, Jan A. Van Mieghem, Eitan Zemel, “Managing Business Process Flows, Principles of Operations Management’’, Third Edition, 2012, Pearson, 2012.
  • Cachon, Gerard and Terwiesch, Christian, “Matching Supply with Demand – An Introduction to Operations Management’’, 3rd International Edition, McGraw-Hill, 2013.


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